Tragedy in my mom’s world

I’m so glad I started taking pictures of all of mom’s neat things a month or so ago, because just a week ago today her house and all its treasures burned to the ground. We’re still completely in shock. (If you’re in a similar situation or know anyone who just lost their home to Sandy or anything else, read my blog post on what they can or might do in the first few days. They are a traumatic few days, to say the least.)

Mom’s neighbors, family, and I have set up a donation account to go directly to her via PayPal (ugh, I know), to pay for her shelter the next few days and ultimately to get her rebuilt if that’s what she decides. Rebuilding was off the table until a cat we thought had died in the fire returned home. She has since regained hope for her future.

If you’d like to donate directly to her, you can use this button here. Thank you very very much.

Help Mom

–Arwen (daughter)

Edit: we’ve confirmed PayPal is working and no longer requires a login to donate! The response is truly humbling. Thank you, one and all.


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